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Martine wants to live in a world where whining doesn’t exist, exercise is everyone’s habit, moving better comes first, stupid people don’t use kettlebells, and chocolate is a vegetable.

As a sought-after kettlebell training expert and StrongFirst Team Leader, she’s been featured on / / / Women’s Health & Fitness Middle East / Time Out Dubai / and is a contributing author to the upcoming book Health and Wellness Today (due out in Summer 2016).

With over 20 years of fitness industry experience, she has helped thousands of people live the benefits of a fitter life. A lifelong recreational athlete, her life changed in 2007: she discovered kettlebells. Having seen, tried and tested so many fitness programs over the years – out of an insatiable desire for knowledge, a want to educate her opinions with first-hand experience, or just an itch to poke holes in fitness BS – it was adding purposeful kettlebell training that delivered the most effective, efficient and incredible body fat melting and physique sculpting results that she’d ever experienced. And those were the side effects of her strength program. It was love at first swing, and she’s never looked back.

She sought out the world’s leading kettlebell fitness expert, Pavel Tsatsouline, which led to her RKC and SFG certifications and eventually to her appointment to the StrongFirst leadership team. Always motivated to bring the best to her students, she pursued knowledge like chocolate, with more certifications along the way and since. That’s what brought her to Flexible Steel. 

Teaching other instructors and students alike to not just understand but to FEEL how mobility and strength work together towards more resilient results is right up her alley. Simple, accessible and achievable drills and practices that can benefit anyone: from the tight powerlifter, desk jockey, housepainter, fighter, kettlebell athlete and gym rat, to the hypermobile yogi…and everyone in between.

When she’s not sprinkling her kettlebell and movement wisdom to get people fit, traveling the world to mentor new instructors and creating training videos for her popular Instagram account, you can find her shuttling her little guy between soccer and hockey (yes, we have ice hockey in Dubai), testing newly discovered iOS video apps and anxiously waiting for the next series of MasterChef to start.

Owner of Kult Fitness, StrongFirst TL, SFB, CK-FMS, Yoga Tune Up®, Flexible Steel Specialist Instructor, World Calisthenics Organization L1 & L2 Instructor, Ground Force Method National Instructor, CrossFit Level 1, CF Kettlebell Trainer, CF Mobility Trainer, TRX, ACE, REPS, MBA