Steve Freides holds a doctoral degree in music, but after suffering a serious back injury in 1997, his physical health became his second passion. Early in his recovery, Steve realized that flexibility was as important to health as strength. Steve was honored to be mentioned by Jon Engum in the book, Flexible Steel, and by Pavel in his podcast with 4-Hour-Workweek author Tim Ferris. (Steve is pictured in many of the ads for Pavel's Relax Into Stretch, performing a suspended split at age 53.)

A certified kettlebell instructor since 2003, Steve was appointed to StrongFirst leadership in 2010. A competitive powerlifter, he holds many deadlift records in his age and weight class.

"I used my strength to achieve a suspended side split at age 53. Regardless of your goals, I will teach you how to use your strength to become more flexible. The risks are few and the rewards great. Attend a workshop and become Flexible Steel.

Steve lives in Ridgewood, NJ, and may be reached by email at, and by telephone at 201-612-0041.



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