Woochae Yoon PT, CSCS, SFG TL, SFL, SFB, CK-FMS, Flexible Steel National Instructor and Ground Force Method Director/National Instructor in Korea. Woochae Yoon is the founder and owner of POWERZONE, located in Seoul, Korea.

He previously was the physical therapist at a hospital specializing in sports medicine, and for various amateur soccer and basketball teams. His gym, POWERZONE, has been in operation for over 6 years and provides StrongFirst Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Barbell training, and CK-FMS corrective training.

He can be contacted at his website: http://powerzone4u.com and https://www.facebook.com/woochae.yoon Office phone : +82-02-547-7208 C.P. : +82-10-9919-7208


Republic of Korea

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