The Deep Six Drop Set

The Deep Six Drop Set:

If you do not know what the Deep Six is please go here first. Classic Deep Six.

Once you have spent some quality time with the classic Deep Six try this.

Grab a snatch test sized kettlebell – Most men that is a 24k and most women a 16k.

Jon Engum snatch test

With your right hand do 5 swings, 5 snatches, 5 clean and presses, 5 squats, after the 5th squat push press the bell into the overhead lockout position and do 1 reverse getup.


Perform a swing switch so the bell is in your left hand and repeat the 5s on that side. So far just like the classic but here is where we get truly evil.

After you finish the left reverse getup, swing switch so the bell is in your right hand again and do 4 reps of each movement.

Once you have completed 4s on both hands, swing switch and do 3 reps of each move .

Keep working your way down the ladder with 2s and finally 1s.

Try to complete without the bell ever touching the ground BUT

honor all the moves with stellar form…no ugly kettlebelling please.


Drop me a note and let me know what you think.

Jon Engum