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Shaun Cairns

Flexible Steel Level II Instructor
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Shaun Cairns, Master SFG Instructor

A former competitive swimmer and rugby player, Shaun Cairns, SFG Master Instructor, is also the original “Beast Tamer,” a title given to only three dozen men in the world who can consecutively perform a one-leg squat (pistol), chin-up (from dead straight to chin over the bar), and a one-arm clean and press with the “Beast,” the intimidating 48kg kettlebell. Shaun earned the title in 2005, after becoming the first man to expertly complete all three parts of this mammoth feat.

One year prior to becoming the Beast Tamer, in 2004, Shaun successfully completed the grueling Russian Kettlebell Challenge to obtain his RKC status. He was certified by Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports. Five years later, Pavel invited Shaun to become part of his elite instructor team as a Senior RKC and in 2013 to be a Master instructor in StrongFirst. Since then, Shaun has been running StrongFirst Certifications and kettlebell workshops in South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Lebanon, India, England, Italy, Singapore and the United States.

Shaun also runs his own successful kettlebell businesses in South Africa, Kettlebells for Africa, providing kettlebells and other related products, and Generation Strength, providing kettlebell instruction, training, and workshops.

Visit Kettlebells for Africa and contact Master SFG Shaun Cairns at
Exclusive importer of DragonDoor Kettlebells, Clubbells and DVDs into South Africa, as well as Medi-Dyne stretch and strength products, and GymBoss Timers. Kettlebells for Africa is the only one-stop kettlebell shop in Southern Africa.

Visit Generation Strength and contact Master SFG Shaun Cairns at

Servicing the local community in Somerset West with 1-on-1 training and group training utilizing the 3 pillars of StrongFirst, namely kettlebell, barbell and body weight training, as well as incorporating the flow aspects of Ground Force Method (GFM) body weight training system.

Servicing the world with strength training under the StrongFirst banner.

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Flexible Steel Level II Instructor

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